Our services

  • Back Office, backline support tasks – this service includes all support activities that are included the administrative and office support of the core business activity. Receiving and processing orders, drafting contracts, making reports and statements. Supporting sales staff, aggregating and transmitting information and data received from them.
  • Administration, office activities – all office activities not requiring permanent personal presence at the customer’s premises. Entering and uploading data into systems, their subsequent modification, and continuous updating. Collection of data from the Internet or from databases, sorting and digitalizing of documents.
  • Customer Service, Call Center – performing customer service tasks online, on the phone or via email. We take over both personal and non-personal customer relationship tasks from smaller and larger companies. We communicate with their partners on the phone, via chat functions, by email and postal service.
  • Profit follow-up, communication.
  • HR activities – for the recruitment of new employees, we organize and arrange recruitment, registration of candidates, telephone interviews, and pre-selection.