• Services

    Back Office, backline tasks
    Administration, office processes, data management, customer data
    HR activities, recruitment, payroll
    Customer service, call center, mail customer service

  • What can we help your company

    partly or entirely get rid of?

    Labour cost
    Employment issues
    Management and organizational expenditures

  • What are we going to deliver for you?

    New solutions
    Increasing the efficiency of related processes
    Flexible size human resource
    Predictable expenditures
    Professional communication with your partners and customers


Our goal is to help our customers focus only on their core business activity, while we are running their administrative activities unnoticed, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.​


How do we get involved with a company?


We take over existing processes from our partner. Apart from full work-processes, it can include administrative tasks beyond the existing resources as well as the ones performed by employees of higher hourly wages (e.g.: engineers, lawyers).


We begin to perform the new activities that have not been carried out before. We take over the emerging administration tasks of expanding companies, saving the cost of real estate, IT and organizational investments.